Chronic Pain Diary Lite App Reviews

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Looks nice, easy to use... But no where near what I need which is sad because the designers did a great job - for the most part. I'm trying to track health problems and pain on a massive scale and this app just can't handle what I need it to do. The more expensive apps have more bells and whistles and flashy icons but this one actually works and makes sense at least. Different colors for different entries would be nice. It keeps a handy list of previous entries like, "back pain," or,"headache," so when you make a new entry you can simply click one of the names you used previously, but each one graphs as one red line so you can't track multiple pains/subjects in one profile; they all get lumped into one line on the graph which doesn't help me at all. Great idea, looks great, clean UI but could use a couple tweaks before I'd have a real use for it.

Could be better

Pretty much just a graph. Only allows for 3 symptoms in lite version. And no where to put notes for details or treatments/meds taken for symptoms. This app could use improvement!

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